As I was both fat and somebody who specialised for many years in British psychiatry, I decided one day to use my knowledge of the human psyche to help myself get slim. I soon realised, that the main two obstacles in keeping a fat person’s weight down were, on one hand, the horrible sensation of hunger and on the other hand, the understandable rebellion against the lack of freedom to eat anything edible and available, but fattening, when one is on a diet. The average fat person tends to think along the lines of “I’d rather be fat but happy , than thin and miserable” or “why should everybody at this lavish party enjoy every food they lay their eyes on and here I am, practically ostracised, being forbidden to have any of the fattening, but otherwise very tasty stuff on display?”

The solution became obvious: a diet that helps you slim, but without feeling hungry and without any forbidden foods associated to it.
I thought to myself, having received the basic training in food hygiene and dietetics during my medical training, that one should not feel hungry if one were to be allowed to eat plenty of ABC food, which is inherently low in calories. Cutting a long story short, A stands for apples or any fruits, B stands for beans or any vegetables and C for chicken or any lean meat. It goes without saying that I mean fresh fruits, not fruits in syrup or fruits in marmalades or jams. Amongst the vegetables section I mean lettuce, mushrooms, cabbage, radishes, peas, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers or gherkins, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels’ sprouts, asparagus, onions, carrots and of course beans, both green or baked, but surely not chips, i.e. French fries, because of the fat they are soaking up, let alone the carbohydrate content! Lean meat, in my dictionary, means chicken without the skin, any beef, pork or lamb, but without the fat bits, plenty of fish, but obviously not fish covered in batter, as in the typical fish&chips shops. Funnily enough, I managed to order recently some lean oven-cooked fish, rather than fish in batter, from a local take-away fish&chips shop! With pork one has to be careful, as even removing the obvious fatty bits, the meat will still have a high fat content.

Here comes a funny story about beans. I realised a while back that baked beans are ideal for slimming purposes as they are relatively low in calories and cause some (infamous) bloating which relieves the sensation of hunger quicker than other meals. I officially contacted Heinz at the time, arguably the most famous brand commercialising baked beans and explained to them that I have some bright ideas how to increase their sales, bearing in mind the usefulness of beans in dietary schemes, but Heinz responded, foolishly in my opinion, that they were simply not interested in my proposals, even before trying to find out the details. This is simply akin to a scenario I quoted in the past a few times before; say you walk on the pavement, having just had a lovely ice-cream as dessert, and some stranger offers you another one, for free. You politely refuse, but the stranger will wonder forever, how come somebody refused a free lovely ice-cream? In other words, either Heinz is satisfied with their sales figures as they are, or maybe they did not trust me to come with a clever enough idea to increase them…but who gives a monkey’s?

And finally, here comes the “Law of One”:
You can have any of the traditionally “forbidden food”, such as butter, sugar, cream, cheese, eggs, chocolate, cake, ice-cream, bread, pasta, pizza, etc. , as long as you have it only as a one-off, small sized helping.
If you are very strict with the “Law of One”, you will lose approximately 2 pounds per week in weight, but should you be less strict, you will still lose approximately 2 pounds per month, without feeling hungry or feeling ostracised for having no access to “forbidden fattening food”. Alcohol is allowed, in moderation and exercise is, of course, encouraged, although my own experience is that dieting is much more efficient when it comes to slimming, compared to exercising.

I am living proof that this ABC diet does indeed work, so may I wish you all best of luck with it, should you be as unlucky as to need to go on a diet in the first place…


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